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Rentals and Sales

Almeria Property Services

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Rentals and Sales

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Almeria Property Services is a legally registered property rental and sales company based in the Almeria region of Spain.

If you would like to purchase a new property in Roquetas, Almerimar, Aguadulce, Almeria, Enix, La Envia, Mojacar, Vera, Cucador, Palomares we will have one to suit your needs.  If you would like to advertise your property for sale or for rent then Almeria Property Services is the company to use.  We could possibly achieve good rental income from your property making it work for you.  This is important for you in this economic climate.  If you would like to discuss in depth with a member of our staff your personal requirements and rental options please do not hesitate to contact us via our contacts page or our telephone numbers.  Apartments for rent in Roquetas and surrounding areas can achieve good income but you need the right company and the right property to do this for you.  Almeria Property Services does not sell off plan property.  We feel it is always best for you to be able to see what you are buying.  There can then be no doubt over position, size etc.  There are many properties available for both rent and for sale at low prices.  This is the time to invest in the Spanish property market but using a reputable company is paramount.  We can always offer you to contact previous and current customers of ours to give references as we feel trust is a large part of the purchasing process in Spain.  There are many unscrupulous agents in Spain.  Once you have purchased your property Almeria Property Services can offer you a full management package, good quality furniture supplied and installed, fitted kitchens, airconditioning, uk tv.  We can then advertise your property for both the Spanish and UK rental market.  Rental is not easy to achieve but with the right rental agency you have more chance of obtaining rentals.  It is important to get a rental income from all property where possible but your management fees are not just about getting rental.  Your property while you are not here needs checking regularly including checking the post boxes for bills etc.  Although this does not give you any income this can save you alot of future problems including electric and water being cut off and rubbish collection bills not being paid subsequently leading to fines for late payment.  Having somebody who speaks your language on the other end of the phone 24 hours a day looking after your interests whille you and your family or friends are here in Spain is important and will give you peace of mind.  We can arrange for you to be collected at the airport and taken to your apartment again this helps to make things easy.  Although we do our best to achieve the best rental potential as a company we will not take rental from people who we feel are not suitable for your property nor have the ability to pay the rent as this is obviously not in your interest or ours.  We obviously will consult with you regarding rentals and ultimatly it is your choice.

There are other agents that do not charge for management or if they do its very little.  These agents are unscrupulous and often fraudulant.  They will rent your property without you knowing.  They will encourage you to stop your direct debits and will tell you they will pay the electric and water bills when they come in.  They do this to stop you from seeing your bills so you do not see the electric and water usage as you would know that somebody had been using your apartment.  They will also encourage long 11 month contracts so that they can get a full months commision.  After this and when the tenants gain entryto the apartment you will probably not get any more money.  When they leave the apartment it will be left in a dispicable state.  There will be damage, items missing and very dirty.  You really do not want to go down this road.  Almeria Property Services will never ask you to take your bills away from direct debit from your bank as these are your bills and it is up to you to pay them.  We will always collect the money for any bills outstanding and pay this into your spanish bank account.  We also now insist on any long term rental that you have a euro-meter. This is a coin operated digital electric prepayment metering system.  We offer this service to protect your interest and to stop any misuse of electric i.e leaving the air conditioning on when they go out. These units can be set on the exact rate per kwh that you are being charged.  We do recommend that you charge a small amount above that rate to cover your costs like standing charges etc.  We will only ever issue 3 month contracts at the beginning of the rental for the first 2 to 3 contracts.  We always ask for proof of work and income as it is essential for  us to establish they can afford your apartment.  We are genuinely concientious about your property for rent.  Almeria Property Services is a fully legal company and can be checked by your solicitor before you use us.

We even have bar owners now calling themselves property management companies.  Almeria Property Services is a legally registered property management company with 10 years experience.  We do not have time to run a bar as looking after apartments 24 hours a day is a full time job and requires total commitment.  You have to ask yourself will they have time to look after your property as well as run a busy bar in the summer.  I dont think they are able to give the commitment you require as a property owner in Spain.  If you would like any advice or further details on any of our packages please do not  hesitate to contact us.

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